Visual Support Specialists / Readers

MAIG Visual Support Specialists (VSS) or Readers provide a complete portfolio of visual accommodations for employees who are Blind or have low visual acuity.  This includes professional notetaking services, orientation and mobility support, and knowledge of accessibility software in government settings including most common software applications including Microsoft Office applications, ZoomText, JAWS, and other commonly used adaptive software solutions. MAIG VSS/readers provide descriptive information during meetings such as describing visual information in an auditory format including non-verbal communication cues, graphics on slides or videos and furnish polished, professional written or digital notes from meetings or events. They assist with tasks such as calendar management when calendaring software is not accessible and deliver professionally tailored accommodations in order to create a more accessible and inclusive workplace environment for their clients. Our VSS readers also work as sighted guides who use their experience, knowledge, and cultural sensitivity training to work with and guide employees who are Blind/Visually Impaired.
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