Personal Assistance Services

MAIG is a proven, long-time, and reliable disability-owned provider of accessibility and disability support and provides exceptional Personal Assistance Services (PAS) to create an environment that honors integrity, excellence, teamwork, fairness, and equity. MAIG personnel are properly credentialed holding designations necessary to perform the duties of PAS, such as Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). PAS services include:

• Carrying packages.

• Lifting light equipment.

• Accessing objects outside of reach.

• Transferring individuals in and out of a restroom stall.

• Assisting with toileting.

• Transferring individuals in and out of vehicles and mobility devices (e.g. cars, buses, airplanes, wheelchairs, and scooters); this may include lifting and carrying the individual.

• Traveling with the individual on work-related business trips (e.g., site visits, travel to/from airports/hotels/shuttles, workshops, conferences, and dining).

• Retrieving food and beverages for the individual, assisting with meals and feeding.

• Dressing and grooming.

• Packing, unpacking, and retrieving items.

• Adjusting, manipulating, or operating workstations and government equipment/technology, moving monitors, moving furniture, and retrieving documents from a copier.

• Accompanying the individual to walk a service animal or navigate the facility.

• Turning and positioning the individual (e.g., in a wheelchair or desk chair).

• Charging electronic wheelchairs and other adaptive and mobility equipment as needed.

American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreters and Translators PSD CDI tactile protactile deaf-blind

ASL Interpreting

We're a highly qualified, skilled service provider with one of largest pools ASL interpreters in the nation.

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) on demand asl foreign language interpreters translators

Video Remote Interpreting

Choose between our web-based platform or on-demand interpreting app for ASL and foreign languages.

CART Communication Access Real-time Captioning

Realtime Captioning

Communication Access Realtime Captioning (CART) offers 98% accurate Verbatim Transcripts post assignment.

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